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  • Recently, I’d open Crash Chrome
  • Now after Google Chrome crash, I’d check Chrome History and entire Chrome History is full of logs of Crash Chrome

How Crash Chrome Works

  • Crash Chrome is a simple redirection loop
  • It’s a webpage that sends you to ($webAddress + nextnumber)

  • http://crashchrome.com redirect to http://crashchrome.com/1
  • http://crashchrome.com/1 redirect to http://crashchrome.com/12

Now Let’s clear Chrome History

  • In Chrome History there is no select all button
  • So let’s do it little different way

Perform Search & Remove

  • Open chrome://history-frame/#q=crashchrome
  • Right click on this page
  • Click on Inspect Element
  • Click on Console
  • Copy Paste Following Code and Press Enter.

How to Search/remove Google Chrome History

$('remove-selected').removeAttribute("disabled"); Array.prototype.forEach.call(document.querySelectorAll("input[type=checkbox]"), function(node) {node.checked = "checked"}); $('remove-selected').click()

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