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  • Launch Automator located in the applications.
  • Select Service as the type of template to use for your new Automator task, and click the Choose button.
  • In the Library pane, make sure Actions is selected, then underneath the Library item, click Utilities. This will filter the available workflow types to just those relating to utilities.
  • In the filtered list of actions, click Run Shell Script and drag it to the workflow pane.
  • At the top of the workflow pane are two drop-down menu items. Set the Service receives selected to files or folders. Set the in to Finder.
  • Copy the entire shell script command that we created below, and use it to replace any text that may already be present in the Run Shell Script box. MAC OS X - Show/Hide Hidden Files in Finder
  • From the Automator file menu, select Save, and then give the service a name.
  • The name you select will appear as the menu item. I call mine Toggle Hidden Files.
  • After saving quit the Atomater.
  • And now, It’s show time.

MAC OS X - Show/Hide Hidden Files in Finder

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