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How to Monitor System With ELK Stack


Monitor System With Collectd/ELK Stack

NOTE! We assume that you already setup/configure ELK Stack.

Import Collectd Logs on Logstash

  • To Import Collectd Logs on Logstash, We have to create configuration file.
$ vim /etc/logstash/conf.d/collectd.conf
input {
  udp {
    port => 25826         # 25826 matches port specified in collectd.conf
    buffer_size => 1452   # 1452 is the default buffer size for Collectd
    codec => collectd { } # specific Collectd codec to invoke
    type => collectd

Restart Logstash Service

$ sudo service logstash restart

Configure Kibana

  • Open
  • Click on Settings > Objects > Import

  • Import Dashboard/Visualizations

Kibana Dashboard

  • Open

Monitor System With ELK Stack

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